Police seize three dangerous dogs from homes in Kidderminster

Police officers attended the properties on Wednesday 30 August. Credit: West Mercia Police

Police officers have seized three dangerous dogs from homes in Kidderminster following reports of alleged illegal dog breeding.

Two warrants were carried out in East Street by officers from West Mercia Police on Wednesday 30 August.

Police attended the houses after information was provided to them about dangerous dogs, alleged illegal dog breeding and possible banned wildlife being kept at the addresses.

Two houses were searched in the multi-agency operation as police were joined by Worcestershire Regulatory Services, the RSPCA, a veterinary expert, and specialist advisers on exotic animals.

Officers took away three dogs that were identified as banned under Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The Act makes it illegal to own, sell, breed, give away or abandon certain types of dogs.

No arrests were made but police and RSPCA inspectors gave advice on the state of the properties for housing animals. RSPCA officers are now looking into the matter.

Kidderminster Safer Neighbourhood Inspector, Lisa Hornberger, said: "Today’s warrant shows we take community concerns around dangerous dogs and illegal breeding very seriously and will act on information given to us,” she said.

"We are pleased we took away three dogs that posed a potential risk to the public and this should server as a reminder that illegal breeds are banned for a reason, and we will not tolerate them in our area."