Crooked House: Tales from the Tavern that was demolished and rebuilt brick-by-brick

  • Watch as ITV News Central reporter Lewis Warner visits the Carlton Tavern in London to hear about their rebuild.

A pub in London which was demolished without permission and then rebuilt brick by brick after local outcry is offering hope to campaigners who want to see Dudley's Crooked House make a similar rise from the rubble.

The owner of the century-old Carlton Tavern in Kilburn was forced to recreate the pub as it once stood.

The co-owner of the business which now operates at the site, Ben Martin said: "We wanted to make it feel like a real pub again. We love pubs, so it's always about making it feel like a real pub.

"Our furniture is really sympathetic to the 1920s-style pubs, as well as our lighting.

"Getting the idea of what the pub is is one thing, but getting it operational and serving again and opening the doors again is another whole journey.

"We were on our hands and knees doing the floor, we painted the walls again with all of our friends and family members."

Carlton Tavern after demolition in 2015 Credit: ITV News

Asked what he would say to the campaigners who were camped outside of the Crooked House he said: "Just keep making that noise, keep pushing for it if they want it, if the noise doesn't go away, someone's going to have to deal with that noise.

"People realise that the power of the pub in the community is vast, people know the buildings that have been around them for all their lives, especially for small neighbourhoods, small communities.

"These buildings have always stood the test of time."

Co-owner Tom Rees said: "One of the lessons we learned here was it doesn't all need to be precise and exact.

"We haven't traded it exactly as it used to be traded and it looks pretty much like it did, but it's not all perfectly exact, and that's fine.

Carlton Tavern was rebuilt and opened in 2021 Credit: ITV News

"I think it's more about the heart of the pub, the spirit of the pub kind of coming back to life and doing something for the future, which hopefully the cricket house can do."

In Dudley parts of the Crooked House have been locked away, secured by the council, ready for a possible rebuild.

But with legal proceedings ongoing any rebuild, just like the Carlton Tavern, would take years.