Birmingham butcher of 47 years shares secrets of life in the business as he retires

A Birmingham butcher who has worked in his shop for 47 years says he didn't have a holiday in eight years after opening his store.

Warwick Wakefield, owner of Warwick Butchers, in Queslett Street, will hang up his apron for the last time today (Saturday, September 30) after of being a cut above the rest in his shop for more than four decades.

The 69-year-old spoke to ITV News Central to give us a butchers of his life behind the counter, his retirement plans and his cherished memories.

He said: "I'm feeling very sad, emotional and drained about retiring. It's been a long time, 47 years, it's been a long time for me to be here, but all my customers are showing their appreciation.

"It's so lovely to see them all and it's really upsetting, a few tears have been shed already.

"I'd like to do a bit of travelling, I'd like to go around to Scotland and do a bit of travelling there and basically just relax. I've got a little dog, he's fabulous so we'll go dog walking.

"I'll have plenty to do."

Warwick Wakefield is retiring after 47 years working in his shop Credit: ITV News Central

Mr Wakefield has been working as a butcher since the age of 15, meaning he has racked up 55 years in the industry.

He opened his shop at the age of 23 and said he had to make several sacrifices to establish the business.

He said: "My most favourite moment was when I opened the shop and I was the most proudest man you could wish for.

"Twenty three, opening a shop, it was hard work.

"For eight years I didn't have a holiday or any time off, but now it's time for me to relax and sit back an enjoy life now."

On the day there were trays of sweets for customers as the last of the meat was sold.

Mr Wakefield has always been passionate about being a butcher and enjoys meeting people.

"I enjoy meeting the customers, they have been fabulous. All these years it has been so nice, so I just wish I could carry on, but it's time for me now.

"I need to spend more time with my wife and enjoy life, so that's it me finished for this time anyway.

" I shall probably still be waking up at 4 o'clock in the morning and wondering what I'm going to do next but I shall enjoy it.

"Thanks to all the customers, thanks to all the friends I've made thanks to Ian Field my colleague, he's been with me 43 years and I love him to bits.

"I really do he's a star and he's been helping me all this time."