Donations and support from around the world for boy whose foodbanks were targeted by thieves

A 12-year-old from Worcestershire who was left heartbroken when the foodbanks he started in the pandemic were targeted by thieves has had donations and messages of support from all around the world.

Isaac Winfield started with one foodbank in a greenhouse in the garden in December 2020 and soon increased to four sites around Redditch where he lives.

Then just before his birthday Isaac and his family were devastated after thieves broke in to two of the sites.

CCTV cameras captured a person wearing a Halloween Panda mask helping themselves in the early hours of Monday October 2.

Claire Chapman, Isaac's mum broke the news to him in the car as she picked him up from school.

The youngster who has proudly given out 4000 food parcels since opening, put his head in his hands and cried.

But as news travelled about what happened and more people heard Isaac's story, the family have been indundated with donations from invidividuals and a supermarket has given food vouchers.

Ms Chapman said: "The community have really come together. People from all over the country, all over the world even, have been getting in touch asking what they can do and we certainly wouldn't have got through the last couple of weeks without them.

"It's backfired on the thieves massively because we've gained more support and we're in a better position than ever."

Isaac has now received more than £2500 in donations and gained hundreds of new social media followers.

He plans to use the money to restock the stolen food and install more lighting and security.

Isacc also plans to open a fifth foodbank by the end of the year and is soon to launch a Christmas toy appeal to make sure no child goes without a present this Christmas.