Firefighters urge people to attend official displays ahead of Bonfire Night celebrations

Bonfire Night takes place this weekend Credit: PA Images

Firefighters across the East and West Midlands are encouraging people to attend official bonfire and firework displays ahead of Guy Fawkes' Night this weekend.

The skies are expected to be lit up this weekend in a kaleidoscope of colour and rockets, Catherine Wheels and a plethora of other pyrotechnics are release into the night sky.

Members of fire services across the Midlands are asking people to attend organised displays as opposed to having them at home for safety reasons.

They have also issued a number of safety tips to people who are planning to have fireworks parties in their gardens.

A number of displays will be taking place across the weekend Credit: PA Images

Andy Clay, station manager for West Midlands Fire and Rescue Service, said: "Try and go to an organised event if you can.

"We do recognise these aren't the cheapest of events to attend and given the difficult economic times people may choose to have a bonfire or a firework display in their garden.

"If they do choose to have a bonfire display in their garden we would recommend that you consider the environment you think about what's around you, think about fencing, buildings, bushes and trees.

"Think about how you can keep people at a safe distance from the fire and have somebody by that fire that is responsible.

"It really is your responsibility to look after that fire."

Skies will be lit up with a kaleidoscope of colour Credit: PA Images

Bonfire night falls on Sunday, but several events are taking place across the weekend to mark the occasion.

Dan Palmer, of Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "The main advice for us at the fire service is if you casn try and get yourself to an organised event.

"There's lots of organised events happening around Nottinghamshire this weekend. if you go onto our website we do actually have a list and its categorised by different areas.

"A list of different organised events that people can attend. They are safe places for people to spectate the fireworks that have been risk assessed.

"Fireworks are being set off by trained personnel and hopefully when you are going to these organised events they've got more a spectacular display than what you can have at home."

Advice has also been issued to pet owners ahead of Bonfire Night.

Caroline Yon, head of Animal Welfare at the Oaktree Animal Charity, said: “At one end of the scale you might have animals that just simply want to hide, so they'll look for a quiet, dark place, either under a bed or behind a chair to get away.

"At the other end of the scale, you'll have a completely panicked animal that will just do everything within its power without reason to get away.

"In a bid to escape, they can try to go through windows, doors. They can destroy items in the house.

"And of course, if they get out of the house, there's always the risk that they could be run over or hurt."