Leicester City star Conor Coady 'loving every minute' at club

  • Leicester's Conor Coady says being injured after only two weeks at the club was "horrendous"

Leicester City star Conor Coady says he's "loving every minute" at the club after bouncing back from a difficult start that we witnessed.

The high-profile summer signing was playing in a pre-season friendly against Leuven at Leicester City's training ground when we filmed him limping off and looking confused.

Four months on, he is back in the team, and ready to talk about that period that had the potential to leave him isolated.

He told me: "When I found I what it was, it was horrendous because I've not had anything [injuries] in my career so to come here within the first two weeks and you've got a fracture in your foot, it was something that caught me by surprise.

"It was a tough moment, but it was important that I kind of spend that moment to get myself right, get myself ready. So that's what I tried to do, whether it be at games or around training or in meetings or out on the pitch", he explains.

"I was trying my best to be around it because that's what keeps me going as a person. I'll be honest, I think if I was kind of to do my work on my own, I couldn't do it properly because I hate that side of it.

"So I tried to be with the boys as much as possible, it was hard for me", he adds.

Coady was injured in a pre-season friendly against Leuven at Leicester City's training ground. Credit: ITV News Central

Conor was playing on loan from Wolves at Everton last season but whilst Merseyside is his home, the Midlands has given him his best football moments.

"I spent a lot of years at Wolves, I loved the football club, I loved everything about it. It was a brilliant club but to get the opportunity to come here was something I really wanted to take. I was speaking to Leicester at the end of last season.

"They were amazing with me, all summer they were absolutely amazing with me and it was something I wanted to repay. To be here now is a real pleasure for me. I'm loving every minute of it."

The England International is now playing his part in a Leicester team who are steamrolling everyone in their path. They have won 13 of their first 14 Championship matches this season.

Like many in football, he wants to add his words to the growing reputation of manager Enzo Maresca.

"I'll be honest about this, and I think everybody sees the way he's changed the way we're playing football, how we're doing things.

"I think people can see us kind of building into every single game and getting better every single game. Full credit to what he's doing with the team, what he's done with the players and what he's done with the football club as well as I think he's changed the kind of the dynamic of everything."

His wife and three boys add perspective to the downs and now ups of his career.

"I think as footballers, I think anybody will tell you the same thing, especially lads are a little bit older and more families and different things. They'll tell you that you play football for them. That's what it is. And my three boys love footy, especially the two eldest so they come to all the games and even the night games, the Friday night games they're desperate to come and my Mrs kind of says its too late but I'm saying you can come!

"They're just amazing, honestly, they're amazing and they loved it when I signed and straightaway they were in the kits and different things. So like I said, they're just the same as me. They're loving every minute of it."

If the boys get to watch a win for dad tonight, Leicester City will be 17 points clear of third-place Leeds. The Premier League is calling once again for this club and Conor.