Several children reportedly injured after fireworks 'go into crowd' at cricket club display

Several children and adults are reported to have been injured Credit: BPM Media

Several children and adults are reported to have been injured when fireworks 'went into a crowd' at an organised display in Staffordshire on November 3.The incident unfolded at an event hosted by Stone Swynnerton Park Cricket Club, in Stone, which is thought to have been attended by around 3,000 people.Eyewitness reports suggest that fireworks veered off course and into the crowd at around 7am, hitting approximately six people.

One onlooker, Flora Byatt, said a call was put out on a public address system asking for a first aider and then, after a pause, the fireworks resumed. Flora said: "A firework went off into the crowd and a load of people ran away.

"I heard an announcement made that they were asking for a first aider and I was told that six people were hit by fireworks. The fireworks later resumed."Another witness, Michael Jones, said: "It hit the family standing right beside us. We felt the heat as it came into us. My son's hood is singed."

Another woman described how she had to 'throw' her daughter out of the way after a firework 'came right at' her and her partner and two children.Roxanne Martindale said: "It came right at myself, my two children and my other half, I had to throw my daughter. We left after it happened, hope everyone else was ok."Karen Bowen said: "One firework took off across the grass and exploded in front of a warden and then two or three fireworks followed across the grass and exploded into the crowd. It was dangerous so we left immediately."Jodie Lythgoe said: "Glad we were set back a little but it still came towards us. Got it on video with filming the display. Hope everyone at the front and those hit are ok."

Adam Fish said: "We left as the fireworks started firing into the crowd obviously."Harriet Shepherd said: "It was (the) other side to where we were but we did leave soon after as we were all scared."

The event at the club on Lichfield Road was billed online as a 'Fireworks Extravaganza' in association with Kidsgrove-based firm Monumental Fireworks, with punters charged £5 entry.

Stone Swynnerton Park Cricket Club said a 'briefing' was taking place and no one was available for comment.

Staffordshire Police said they were not called out to the incident. Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and West Midlands Ambulance Service have been contacted for comment.