Dad said 'God is great' as he killed baby son in Birmingham home but it 'wasn't his voice' wife says

Forensic officers at the scene in Sparkhill, Birmingham, on 18 October 2022. Credit: PA Images

A dad allegedly repeated 'God is great' as he killed his baby son in their Birmingham home, but it 'wasn't his voice', his wife has claimed.

Mehwish Mubashir described to police how Kadees Mohammed, 30, 'shook' and 'flung' three-week-old Mohammed Ibrahim at their home in Sparkhill in the early hours of 18 October 2022.She stated she could not 'believe' that was her husband doing that because he had always spoke of how 'important' his children were to him.

Mohammed denies murder, an alternative of manslaughter and inflicting grievous bodily harm to his wife and mother.It is not disputed he attacked all three and caused the death of his son at the family home in Dovey Road, but he relies on the legal defence of insanity.

Mehwish Mubashir described to police how Kadees Mohammed 'shook' and 'flung' three-week-old Mohammed Ibrahim at their home in Sparkhill. Credit: BPM Media

On the fourth day of the trial at Birmingham Crown Court, the jury was played the second half of Ms Mubashir's police interview - having heard the first half on Monday.Speaking via an interpreter she said: "I know that at 3am the baby usually gets up. Cries for food. I didn't hear crying, because I was maybe a bit tired in the day and fell asleep."Ms Mubashir continued: "By the time I got up I saw him lay the baby on the carpet. He was sort of pressing the baby, grabbing him. 'God is great, God is great' saying those slogans. I heard those slogans I can say that it definitely wasn't Kadees' voice. It wasn't his voice."I just got up. I snatched the baby from him then I unlocked the door quickly then I quickly ran to my mother-in-law's room. He's running after me."She told officers she fell to the floor before she and her mother-in-law tried to 'save the baby'.

Ms Mubashir said: "He picked up the iron and banged it on my mother-in-law's head and he snatched the baby."He picked the baby up and threw the baby, flung the baby on one side and then the other side. I was still trying to snatch the baby and he's pushing me away. Then he banged the iron onto my head a few times."He had my face in both his hands. He has never ever touched me before. He was always so loving and so affectionate."She said she had bruises near her eyes due to the 'strength of his fingers' and added: "Then I bit him on his arm to try and stop him grabbing the baby."

Ms Mubashir described grabbing her husband's shirt and legs as he tried to run away. She said: "He had the baby. Squeezed the baby in his arms. Then he had me by both hands. He kept saying 'Mohammed the prophet is here'. He ran off. I couldn't stop him."Ms Mubashir told police she ran out of the house 'screaming' and stated: "Five people were trying to get the baby from him but he wasn't letting the baby go. One of the neighbours managed to grab the baby back and they took me to their house."I didn't see him or the baby afterwards. Since then I haven't seen him."Asked to describe the events in the house again Ms Mubashir said when she woke up her husband was kneeling down over Mohammed.

She said: "He had smothered the baby. He had strangled the baby."Ms Mubashir stated there was 'no sound' from Mohammed and she thought he might still be asleep. Going back over what happened in her mother-in-law's bedroom she said: "He shook the baby and then threw the baby on the floor. Threw the baby then started assaulting me and my mother-in-law."Ms Mubashir said that Mohammed hit the skirting board of the room and that her husband was saying 'Islamic words' throughout the incident. She added: "Ever since we got married he always said to me 'you are the most important person in my life and my children'. I can't believe that was Kadees doing that."The trial continues.

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