Dad dragged 100 metres on dual carriageway after car-jacking learns to walk again

Kevin Watts recovering in hospital from the car-jacking Credit: BPM Media

A man who was dragged 100 metres onto a dual-carriageway after he was carjacked is learning to walk again after spending weeks in hospital.

Kevin Watts, 42, broke his tibia and pelvis after being knocked over by his own car at Sainsbury's petrol station in Castle Vale.

He was filling his tyres with air when he suddenly realised a man had jumped into the driving seat of his Vauxhall Insignia.

He ended up stuck under the back wheel of his car which had locked, as the carjacker tried to escape. He eventually freed himself but not before suffering horrific injuries.

Kevin Watts' injuries Credit: BPM Media

Mr Watts was was discharged from hospital last week and reunited with his family, including his three-year-old son Chester.

"I'm making slow progress but it still feels like a bad dream," he said.

"I've seen my little boy and that's the main thing. It felt amazing; as did reading all the support from people. It just goes to show that, despite all the bad going on in the world, there are still amazing and kind people out there.

"Without these people I would probably be in a dark place. But their comments really made me and my family smile. We're overwhelmed by the support."

Mr Watts is now home with his family. Credit: BPM Media

Mr Watts in now calling for justice.

"I know that the police are doing everything they can and I trust them to find the person responsible.

"I'm just taking each day [as it comes] and trying to keep positive - that's the main thing."

West Midlands Police say no arrests have been made.

The force said in a previous statement: "We were called after a man was injured when a car was stolen from a garage forecourt in Chester Road, Tyburn at around 9.15am on Friday, November 10.

“Officers attended and found a man being attended to by paramedics before being taken to hospital with leg injuries which are not believed to be life-threatening.

A Vauxhall car was later found by officers in Chelmsley Wood and is being recovered for forensic opportunities."