'Don't cap yourself on what you can achieve' says cricketer with no hands or forearms

  • 'Don't cap yourself on what you can achieve', says cricketer Kearan Gibbs.

A cricketer who was born with no hands or forearms says he has playing for England and captaining his local team in his sights.

Kearan Gibbs from Redditch has loved cricket from a young age and plays for Warwickshire's Disability Access team.

Kearan had guidance over the years from cricket's great Shane Warne and they remained in contact until his death last year.

He was born with Phocomelia of the arm - a rare birth defect where infants are born with arms and or legs that are severely shortened or sometimes completely absent.

Kearan bowls by gripping the ball with his arm and he bats by placing the bat under his shoulder.

"It took many years to perfect it but now I have it's second nature", he says.

"I don't think you should cap yourself on what you can achieve, you just keep going, see what doors open and just go straight through them".

George Garton, Warwickshire's newest England international, says Kearan is 'incredible'.

"Fantastic skill, dedication, he showed me some pictures of him with Shane Warne when he was 10 years old, to have the persistence and the drive to get better and to bowl the leg spin that he does is fantastic".