Retired police officer had to wait six months to find out why pension hadn't been paid

ITV News Central Correspondent Nancy Cole reports on Boyd Howells' search for answers

A retired police officer says that the way he and countless others have been treated over the delay in payment of their pension is a scandal.

Boyd Howells retired in May and was due his money from the West Midlands Pension Fund.

Before that, Boyd worked as a police officer, meaning he has a police pension in addition to the income the West Midlands Pension Fund is supposed to provide.

But Boyd says he began to worry when payments from the latter failed to emerge.

Since retiring six months ago, the 69-year-old from Tamworth hasn't received a penny from the West Midlands Pension Fund he'd paid into.  

He said: "I would have been expecting something to come through then, but nothing appeared.

"And it started to turn into weeks and there was no correspondence at all, no messages so I started to try and phone them up.

"And then that's when really it dropped that there was probably some problems there."Boyd retired from a civilian role with West Midlands Police in May.

He has a pension in addition, after spending more than 30 years as a police officer.For that he says he's lucky but has seen stories of people who are desperate.

Mr Howells said: "People on the edge of despair, there are people talking about harming themselves.

"This is the culmination of all that work, this is what they've looked for. They've had that date on their calendar for months, if not years. And that money has not appeared.

"And they are not getting anywhere and to me that's the scandal of it all. Is that they've pulled up the drawbridge and not explained anything."The West Midlands Pension Fund, which is based in Wolverhampton, manages the pensions of more than 350 thousand people, including the employees of more than 800 public sector organisations.

It's unclear how many have been affected.

The fund's executive director apologised and said the delays were due to a issues with new IT system installed in the summer -and they're working to resolve things.Rachel Brothwood, executive director, West Midlands Pensions fund said: "So we're really sorry for the delays that our members are experiencing.

"We are going through a fairly major system change which involves rebuilding a lot of the work that we do."