Birmingham pupil given leaflet listing 'smoke a cigarette' as a mental health tip

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"Smoke a cigarette" was listed on the school's "self-help" mental health measures list Credit: BPM Media

A school in Birmingham has apologised after a pupil was handed a leaflet listing "smoke a cigarette", as a mental health self-help technique.

It confirmed in an email to parents that a flyer had been given out by a member of staff at Bartley Green School.

The list advised those who needed support to consider measures like:

  • "have a bath or shower"

  • "stay in bed"

  • "use aromatherapy oils"

  • "eat chocolate"

  • "stroke a pet/cuddle a teddy"

"Smoke a cigarette" was also on the list, sparking criticism after it was seen by families of pupils.

More of the list of the school's "self-help" measures Credit: BPM Media

The school has now sent an email to parents and carers apologising for the error, saying:

"The school has been made aware of concerns raised in the community regarding a resource provided to a Bartley Green School pupil that suggests smoking a cigarette for mental health issues"."We can confirm an inaccurate resource was given to one pupil by a member of school staff in error. This should not have happened and we apologise for this".

Bartley Green School Credit: BPM Media

The school email went on to say:

"The school would like to confirm that Bartley Green School does not promote the smoking of cigarettes as comfort for mental health concerns."

If you'd like support for mental health, there are links available.