Players taken off the pitch due to fan trouble as Wolves lead West Brom 2-0 at The Hawthorns

Violence broke out at the derby, leading to play being suspended

An FA cup derby between Wolves and West Brom has been suspended following a suspected outbreak of fan trouble in the stands.

The stoppage came shortly after Matheus Cunha had struck to give Wolves a 2-0 lead over their Black Country rivals in the 78th minute. Police and security needed to rush to a corner of the ground supposedly holding home fans as the disturbance developed.

There appeared to be a lot of pushing and shoving in the stand. Some West Brom players were concerned for family members seated nearby and went into the stand to remove their children.

Referee Thomas Bramall eventually took the players from both teams back to the dressing rooms. There had earlier been pockets of trouble in other parts of the ground.

Flares were thrown in the away section after Wolves opened the scoring in the first half and objects were also thrown at Wolves’ Tommy Doyle as he prepared to take a corner.

Play eventually resumed after a delay of over half an hour with just over 12 minutes of the game remaining.