Cars seized after illegal car meet in Halesowen

Four cars were seized as part of Operation Hercules Credit: West Midlands Police

Police in the Black Country have seized several cars following an illegal car meet.

It's after West Midlands Police received a report that up to 100 vehicles were due to meet in Halesowen last Sunday, 11 February.

Officers arrived at a car park near Mucklow Hill and seized four vehicles for breaching warnings that had previously been issued to them.

Several others were issued section 59 warnings, mearning if they are spotted driving a vehicle recklessly within the next 12 months they can have their vehicle seized.

They could also be arrested if found in breach of the street cruising injunction.

A car seized at the meet last Sunday, 11 February. Credit: West Midlands Police

A ban on illegal street racing is in force in Birmingham and the Black Country due to High Court rulings.

It's part of Operation Hercules which is the force's ongoing campaign to target people involved in street racing or car cruising where vehicles are driven in an anti-social or dangerous manner.

The injunctions prohibit people driving, being a passenger or rider at a gathering where there is motor racing or motor stunts or other dangerous or obstructive driving. 

DC Mark Campbell, from Operation Hercules, said: “We won’t tolerate illegal street racing or cruising on the region’s roads and will take action against motorists who flout the law and put other road users at risk.

"People have been killed and seriously injured at these types of events in the past and our ultimate aim is to keep people safe. 

“We work closely with our partners on a range of tactics to identify, disrupt and enforce against those taking part or observing. Our priority is keeping the roads safe for all.”

Anyone breaching the ban will be in contempt of court and could face penalties including imprisonment, a fine, or an order to have their assets seized.