Pensioner injured after tripping over car parked on pavement

A pensioner from Wolverhampton suffered injuries after tripping over a car that was parked on the pavement.

Manus Kane, 73, had to squeeze past a parked car, whilst walking on the pavement.

There wasn't enough space for him to get through and he didn't see the car's tyre, which was parked at an angle.

"I didn't spot the car's tyre was positioned obliquely. I tripped over the wheel, went flat on my face and everything hit the ground."

Mr Kane suffered bruises, cuts to his knees and hands and the fall caused damage around both eyes.

The government is currently running a consultation on pavement parking, which is banned in London and now Scotland.

The highway code says you shouldn't park on the pavement in England and Wales but driving on a pavement is an offence.

The car was parked on the pavement giving Mr Kane little room to walk past Credit: ITV News Central

In a statement, Wolverhampton City Council said: "Like other authorities in England outside of London, the City of Wolverhampton Council doesn't have the enforcement powers to tackle pavement parking.

"However, wherever parking restrictions are present, such as yellow lines, bus lanes, school zones, etc., we do actively undertake enforcement to manage this issue."

At the end of January, the Government told us that it's consulting with local authorities about giving them more powers to take action on pavement parking.

It also says the consultation was started three years ago and will be published in due course.