Nottinghamshire Police officer sacked after watching video of attack victims being treated

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Pictured are attack victims Grace O'Malley-Kumar and Barnaby Webber, both 19 when they were killed in a series of attacks by Valdo Calocane. Credit: BPM Media

A Nottinghamshire Police special constable has been sacked after he viewed body-worn video footage of two stabbing victims being treated by medics in the street.

The special constable, who worked for the police on a voluntary basis, used his laptop and viewed footage relating to officers and paramedics after University of Nottingham students Barnaby Webber and Grace O'Malley-Kumar died at the scene.

Barnaby and Grace, both 19, were walking home from an end-of-term night out when they were stabbed repeatedly by Valdo Calocane in Ilkeston Road, Radford, near their student accommodation.

Valdo Caolcane then went on to attack caretaker Ian Coates, before stealing his van and crashing it into three pedestrians on June 13 2023.

The constable's dismissal comes after Nottinghamshire Police has faced separate criticism for multiple cases of misconduct.

This includes 'graphic and crude' WhatsApp messages shared between officers over the attacks.

In a separate misconduct hearing in January, police officer Matt Gell received a final written warning after sharing information about the attacks by text message and breaching confidentiality. PC Gell said that this was a "mistake".

Another officer has also received "management intervention".

Deputy Chief Constable Steve Cooper said: “Nottinghamshire Police has carried out a thorough and extensive investigation into those who viewed material related to the Nottingham attacks which had no policing purpose to do so.

“Two officers have faced misconduct hearings as a result.

“A special constable was sacked for viewing body cam footage of the incident in Ilkeston Road. He was immediately removed from the organisation by the Chief Constable following a misconduct hearing in December.

“None of this footage has ever been shared.

“This misconduct hearing was held in private so not to prejudice the upcoming court case of Valdo Calocane.

“A police officer was also given a final written warning by an independent legally qualified chair for viewing information about Valdo Calocane and sharing a single Whatsapp message.

“This misconduct hearing was held in January and the public and media did attend.

“The Whatsapp message contained two distasteful words.

“It did not contain any video or images.

“For clarity, the investigation has found that no one has ever shared any images or video in relation to these horrific attacks.

“A member of police staff is due to face a misconduct hearing for looking into Valdo Calacone on force systems. No information was shared. This misconduct hearing will happen in due course.”

It was also announced earlier this month that Nottinghamshire Police were to be investigated over previous contact with killer Valdo Calocane and the way they handled the investigation into the Nottingham attacks.

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