'Life-saving' equipment worth thousands of pounds stolen from fire station in Shropshire

  • Rosie Dowsing reports on a break in at Newport Fire Station

Thieves have targeted 'life-saving equipment' from a Shropshire fire station that cost thousands of pounds to replace.

A fire engine was left unusable after Newport Fire Station was targeted by thieves on Monday (19 Feb), because the theft of a thermal imaging camera took out the engine's wiring.

The fire engine is now back an action, with the thermal camera replaced quickly due to how vital the equipment is for daily emergencies, but those who work at the station say the theft is an insult to the community they serve.

A door to the fire station was also damaged as the thieves gained entry to the building during the early hours of the morning.

The station's Watch Manager, Charlie Cartwright, said the theft could have put lives at risk.

"I'm very disappointed to believe that someone could take life saving equipment from the community, and potentially equipment that could save them as well."

A thermal imaging camera was ripped from the inside of a fire engine at Newport Fire Station. Credit: Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service

Craig Jackson, from the fire service said: "We're talking around £5,000 worth of equipment that was taken, it's equipment that our crews utilise to rescue people from house fires.

"We just ask that the community remains vigilant, and looks out for the fire station, because it's their community fire station.

"So please report anything suspicious to the police."

West Mercia Police said the incident is being investigated, and thanked local businesses and neighbours for helping with their enquiries.

Detective Constable Julia Hiller said: "We're taking it very seriously, it's an important facility for Newport.

"The community has been brilliant, local businesses have supplied CCTV, and we've gone from house to house, they've been fantastic."