Father 'inches from death' from speeding car urges drivers in Birmingham to obey road rules

A father who was almost killed by a speeding car in Birmingham is pleading for drivers in the city to follow the rules of the road before more lives are lost.

Stephen Andoh was inches away from death after he was hit by an out-of-control car last May.

He was working a regular night shift as a security guard, when a speeding car, driving in a 30mph zone, smashed into the building where he was stood in Witton.

Mr Andoh miraculously escaped with his life, but not without injury.

The aftermath of the crash Credit: CCTV footage

Speaking exclusively to ITV News Central, Mr Andoh said: "I never saw the car coming, I didn’t see the car coming at all…walking back to the office, before I realised I was in sharp pain, really sharp pain, and I was bleeding from my nose and my leg."

Mr Andoh was hospitalised for nine days, suffering leg injuries which stopped him from working for eight months. He still has to take four tablets a day for his recovery.

He added: "I’m not as I was before. My mobility, it has affected my mobility. I still got blood clots in my lungs and my legs, so it’s a struggle. I can’t do things that I used to do before".

Mr Andoh said he struggles to do the things he used to

Mr Andoh's daughter, Levlyn, says the mental scars of nearly losing her father have only just started to sink in.

She said: "A couple of months after the accident, it really got to me, I kind of isolated myself - would only go see my dad. There was more of a fear that I almost lost him, I was this close to losing my dad, it kind of rocks your world, it’s something you can’t comprehend on a daily basis."

She added: "I also get nervous being on the road myself, walking around, taking the bus, like, is someone going to come off the road and hit me?"

Levlyn said nearly losing her dad 'rocked her world'

Mr Andoh’s case of a dangerous speeding driver echoes recent scenes witnessed on Queslett Road in Birmingham, as well as a crash on Soho Road in which an alleged speeding driver hit a series of cars.

Hizar Hanif, a 31-year-old passenger in one of those vehicles, was killed. Mr Hanif himself was a father to a young boy.

A 25-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and later released under investigation.

Mr Andoh said: "It brought back my memory, I really felt for the guy that lost his life. I feel sorry for the family. I know what they are going through now, and I’m really sorry for the family - it brought back memories, and every day it brings memories, it really really does."

West Midlands Police confirmed that no arrests have been made in Mr Andoh’s case - though he and his daughter are now urging drivers to stick to speed limits.

They said: "Drivers should take responsibility, they should be aware there are lives on the street. People have got children that are looking up to their father, and when they go to work and can’t come back home - it’s sad. Drivers need to take responsibility… I just feel like it needs to stop, this careless driving."

The par hope that drivers heed their warning - slow down before you take someone’s life.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: "We were called to a collision at the junction of Birch Road and Cheshire Road just before 11.45pm on 17 May last year".

"One man has attended a voluntary interview where he was questioned under caution on suspicion of causing serious injury by careless driving. We are in the process of gathering evidence, including medical reports, and our investigation continues".

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