'Gone with the Wind' classic line ends up on a Birmingham village sign

The sign in Frankley and the film that inspired the"addition"
The sign nods to the most famous line from a Hollywood classic Credit: BPM Media/MGM/PA Archive/PA Images

People in one part of Birmingham say they're "loving" the attention after one of Hollywood's most iconic dialogues ended up on their main village sign.

Frankley in Worcestershire, on the southern fringes of the city, has been getting national attention after someone amended the signage, which was then posted on social media.Under the "Frankley" sign welcoming people to the area, the words "MY DEAR, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN" have been added - a reference to the famous line from the classic film "Gone with the Wind".The joke has since gone viral after being posted over the weekend, with many saying they think it's "Frankley brilliant".

Dr Helen Ingram posted a picture of the altered sign on X and said:

"There’s a little village outside Birmingham called Frankley and this morning someone ‘enhanced’ the place name sign, adding "Now to find out who did it."One X user replied simply: "Brilliant!".Another reply noted that "Hollywood was "only 20 minutes away", and another wrote: "This is superb. Knighthood for whoever did that."Ian Wacogne said: "My brain has made this joke every time I've gone past this sign for years. And finally someone (not me) has made it real."

The prankster's identity is still a mystery.