School evacuated after group argument is mistaken for gunshots in Newcastle-under-Lyme

It happened at 3.10 yesterday afternoon on Lamb street in Kidsgrove. Credit: Google Maps

Police are investigating after reports of gunshots near a school in Newcastle-under-Lyme.

It happened just after 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon (11th June) on Lamb Street in Kidsgrove.

As a precaution, a school near Rutland Road was evacuated while officers carried out enquiries in the area. The school later released the pupils.

Staffordshire Police said an incident happened on Lamb Street involving an altercation between a group of three men and a car.

A loud bang was heard, prompting people to report gunshots.

The three men appeared to be arguing with the driver of the car, who drove away after it happened. The three men also left the area on foot.

Police carried out a search of the area. No-one has been reported injured and no evidence of a firearm being used has been found.