Newly-elected Midlands MPs travel to London for their first full week in office

New Derbyshire Labour MPs, Baggy Shancker, Catherine Atkinson and Linsey Farnsworth, arrive in Westminster together. Credit: ITV News Central

Monday is the start of the first full week in office for the new government, and three newly elected MPs in Derbyshire travelled to Westminster together ahead of a momentous day.

Out of the 650 MPs elected at last week's General Election, 335 have never held office before.

The new Labour MP for Derby North, Catherine Atkinson, was driven to the station by her 'very proud' father on Monday morning. She said she felt 'excited and nervous'.

She said: "It may not feel real until I am physically standing outside parliament. But for me, my focus is - let's get started. There's so much to do."

At the station she met with Derby South's new MP, Baggy Shanker. He said: "I'm very proud to be representing my home city, a place where I grew up.

"I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in, and seeing what it's all about."

Amber Valley's new Labour MP, Linsey Farnsworth, also joined the new travel group at the station - for her first Monday in office.

Mrs Farnsworth said: "My priorities are what people have been telling me on my doorstep for the last 18 months. There's a real problem with lack of GP appointments and access to NHS dentists in Amber Valley."

This will soon become a familiar journey. MPs tend to spend four days-a-week in London before spending Fridays working in their constituencies.

As the three Derbyshire MPs approached parliament from Westminster Bridge, Catherine Atkinson remarked: "It is quite some office, I'm just feeling ready to serve now."

ITV Central reporter Lewis Warner joins three new Derbyshire MPs on their first journey to Westminster since being elected

The first Green MP in the region

Travelling to London from North Herefordshire was the constituency's newly elected Green MP, Ellie Chowns.

She is used to life as a county councillor and Green Party campaigner, but Monday (July 8) marked her first time representing constituents in Westminster.

Before making her way to Ledbury station, Ellie Chowns said: "There's a whole team of people down there to hand-hold the new MPs.

"They'll give me a pass, then take me to get my IT sorted and then the induction begins."

Ellie Chowns joins three new Green MPs - Sian Berry, party co-leader Carla Denyer and party co-leader Adrian Ramsay. Credit: PA

Once in Westminster, Chowns joined the three other MPs elected for the Green party for a photo call.

She said: "I feel super excited and unbelievably priveleged to be in this position. Turning up to this iconic building I feel a real sense of responsibility for my constituency.

"I want to help build a greener and fairer country, and make politics a bit better."