Report into Ding Murders

A report by into the way Northamptonshire Police handled a case in which a family of four was murdered in their home will be published later.

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Key findings of Ding murder inquiry

  • The police were sent to the wrong address.
  • The call should have had ‘immediate’ rather than ‘priority’ response.
  • Insufficient effort to establish the welfare of the caller.
  • The standard by which police handled the call was unacceptable. IPCC Commissioner Amerdeep Somal said:

" Our investigation has found this particular 999 call was badly mishandled. Northamptonshire Police has reacted constructively to our findings by introducing new procedures in handling abandoned 999 calls in accordance with national guidance and retraining relevant staff."

IPCC report to focus on 999 call made by the family on day they were murdered

Aerial view of the Ding family home after the murders Credit: ITV Central

The report by the Independent Police Complaints Commission examined the handling of a 999 call made from the Ding’s home in Wootton in Northamptonshire on the day they were murdered._

Screams could be heard during the call on the 29th April last year – the same day as the royal wedding – but then the line went dead. The bodies of Jifeng Ding, his wife Helen Chui, aged 47, and their daughters Xing, aged 18, and Alice, aged 12 were discovered 2 days later on the 1st May._

The IPCC has been investigating whether operators missed an opportunity to trace the dropped call. The report due to be published at 2 o’clock this afternoon, is expected to criticise Northamptonshire Police – although the force has since restructured its control room. _

The report will be published along with statement from the Ding’s relatives._


The main suspect Anxiang Du still is still on the run, and police are working on the theory that’s he’s left the country. They believe the former business partner of Helen Chui, murdered the family following a long running financial dispute._


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