Claire Lomas' 2012

A paralysed woman, Claire Lomas from Leicestershire, completed the London Marathon in a robotic suit. Here's a look back at Claire's incredible 2012.

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Claire Lomas - the finish line is in sight

A Leicestershire woman paralysed after a horse riding accident has spent two weeks completing the London Marathon. She has been 'walking' the course with the help of robotic legs.

Claire Lomas says: "I'm ready to get going, a bit excited and a bit nervous. It's going to be an emotional day."

She says so many people supporting her have spurred her on.

"The donations and messages of support - I can't thank people enough.

"The best bit has been meeting new people and the worst bit has been walking. Suddenly, I don't want to walk. For five years that's all I wanted, now I want my chair.

"It's been physically demanding and mentally tiring but I have enjoyed it and will always look back on it with fond memories."

She says she has suffered with pain in her wrists, hands and shoulders but the robotic legs have eased her backache that she gets when she is in a wheelchair.

ITV News explains how Claire's robotic legs work.

Sir Richard Branson pledges a trophy for marathon woman Claire Lomas

Sir Richard Branson has pledged that Claire Lomas, from Leicestershire, will receive a trophy for completing the London Marathon after organisers said she would not finish in time.

Lomas, 32, who was paralysed from the chest down in a horse-riding accident in 2007, is the first to walk the marathon course in a "bionic" suit.

Sir Richard tweeted:

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