Midlanders Evacuated in Welsh Floods

Families form the Midlands on holiday in Wales have been evacuated from the severe flooding devastating Wales

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Midlanders airlifted from flooded caravan

Several holidaymakers from the Midlands have been rescued from severe flooding in West Wales.

More than 150 people were saved from rising water levels when caravan sites near Aberystwyth were inundated overnight.

"We opened the door and the water was coming into our caravan so we got airlifted out because we couldn't get out because it was coming into the caravan we went to some other site and we've been transported by the ambulance here." - Leeann Walters

"It was quite scary because there was only two of us in there we didn't have anyone to tell us what to do.

"My car's gone, my revision books have gone for my A-levels which are on Monday so hopefully we'll get back for that we'll have to see." - Emily Nicolas


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