Badger Cull Debate

A protest is being organised by Nottingham animal rights activists against the proposed badger cull. Farmers and campaigners say it'll tackle disease in cattle - those against say it's unscientific and unethical.

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Badger cull, full report

Animal rights activists from across the Midlands have been campaigning against plans to introduce a badger cull.

Farmers say the animals spread Bovine TB to cattle, and they're losing hundreds of thousands of pounds each year because they're having to slaughter their herds.

The government wants to run a trial cull, which would allow farmers to shoot up to 70 per cent of the badgers in certain areas.

Supporters claim it's vital to help prevent the spread of the disease. But campaigners say it won't work and it's unethical.


Overwhelming majority in Midlands against badger cull

92% of people who took part in ITV Central's vote are against the badger cull Credit: Chris Halpin

ITV Central held a poll today to find your feeling towards the government's proposed badger cull as a measure to control the spread of Bovine TB.

The results, as can be seen in this chart, are an overwhelming majority at 92% against the cull, with just 8% saying they agree.

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Tesco's response to anti-badger cull protest

Supermarket Tesco has released a statement in response to the protest taking place outside one of its stores in Nottingham against the proposed badger cull.

Animal activists say they feel that supermarkets have an ethical responsibility to not sell products from farmers who cull the animals.

Tesco says animal welfare is an important issue for many of its customers and it takes the responsibility seriously, but also recognises that Bovine TB is a significant threat to dairy farmers:

“Animal welfare is an important and sensitive issue for many of our customers and we take our responsibilities in this area very seriously. We also recognise the significant threat that bovine tuberculosis disease poses to our dairy farmers and their livelihoods. We are committed to supporting them through this challenging time and have no plans to stop sourcing from farmers in the affected areas. The cull policy and its implementation are a matter for Government and the farming community to take forward.”

– Tesco

Badger cull activists protest outside supermarket in Nottingham

Animals activists have taken to the streets of Nottingham to protest against the proposed badger cull Credit: ITV Central

Animal activists in Nottingham city centre are protesting outside of a supermarket against the proposed badger cull this autumn.

They say they feel that supermarkets have an ethical responsibility to not sell products from farmers who cull the animals.

The government is proposing to cull badgers in an attempt to reduce the spread of Bovine TB, which is a major problem for UK farmers.

The protesters are brandishing placards and banners today Credit: ITV Central
They claim badger culling is not the best way of preventing the spread of Bovine TB Credit: ITV Central
They say that the government scheme is "a harrowing violation of the badger's right to life" Credit: ITV Central

Facts about the badger cull

  • The first licence to kill badgers was issued for a pilot cull in Gloucestershire.
  • Farmers will be licensed to shoot up to 70% of the badgers in a 300 square kilometre area in Gloucestershire.
  • A second licence for a pilot cull in Somerset is still being considered.
  • A long-term study found that culling over a number of years on a large scale could reduce the incidence of TB in cattle herds by 16%.
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