Meteor Shower This Week

If you look to the east of the sky this week you may see a shooting star as a meteor shower is raining down.

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Facts about a meteor shower

  • A meteor is a glowing trail that appears in the sky when a meteoroid, a piece of debris in space enters the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Meteors are also known as shooting stars because they look like stars to the human eye
  • No one knows for sure where the tradition of making a wish upon a star comes from. Though some believe it was the ancient Greeks who believed the stars were being thrown down by the gods before something was about to happen so they would wish for that something to be good.
  • The 'shooting stars' are caused by specks of rock or ice, some no bigger than grains of rice.
  • Meteors travel at 150,000 miles per hour before burning up in the earth's atmosphere
  • The comet causing tonight's meteor shower will not be visible from earth again until 2061


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