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There are 67,639 registered stem cell donors in the Midlands. Of those, 2,352 are Asian donors from the East Midlands and 1,878 from the West Midlands.

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Rik Basra continues bone marrow donation awareness campaign

A police officer recovering from Leukemia has been honoured by a Leicester Gurdwara after helping to recruit hundreds of potential bone marrow donors.

A shortage of donors in the South Asian community meant Rik Basra could not find a match in the UK, and eventually found a donor in Germany.

He now campaigns to encourage more South Asian donors to sign up.

Today he took part in a donor drive at the Sikh Community Centre in Leicester, as part of a health awareness and information day.

He was then given a ceremonial robe at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, in recognition of his efforts to raise awareness of bone marrow donation.


Bone marrow donor drive gets underway

A bone marrow donor recruitment drive is about to start at a community centre in Leicester.

It has been organised by Rik Basra, the Leicestershire Police officer who has pledged to sign up more South Asian donors after his own battle with leukaemia.

Rik Basra and his wife Kas at the event in Leicester Credit: ITV Central
Volunteers ready to sign up potential bone marrow donors Credit: ITV Central

Rik Basra to attend bone marrow donor recruitment event

Rik Basra is recovering from leukaemia Credit: ITV Central

A Leicestershire police officer who is recovering from leukaemia will be on hand to sign up potential bone marrow donors at a recruitment event today (2 December).

Rik Basra was diagnosed with the cancer over a year ago. Despite donor drives in Leicester and Birmingham, a match was not found. A suitable donor was eventually located in Germany. In December 2011, Rik had a transplant of donated cells.

This year, recruitment events were held in Leicester during the city's Diwali celebrations, to encourage more South Asian donors to come forward. Rik did not attend the events and so today's event will be an emotional experience for the police officer. He wants to personally sign up the first donor.

The event is being held at the Sikh Community Centre, part of the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara, in Leicester from 10.00. It is part of a health awareness day organised by both the Rik Basra Leukaemia Campaign and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors.


More South Asian prospective bone marrow donors needed

The wife of a Leicestershire police officer who is recovering from leukaemia has started a campaign to encourage more people from the South Asian community to become prospective bone marrow donors.

Kas Basra says her husband Rik was lucky to find a match but says she is worried others may not be so fortunate. The first event, as part of the campaign organised by Rik and Kas, was held at the Belgrave Neighbourhood Centre, during the Diwali lights switch-on festivities last night (4 November).

Police officer from Leicester recruits Asian stem cell donors

Leukaemia patient urging Asian men to register as stem cell donors

A Leicestershire police officer who's currently battling leukaemia is urging Asians in the Midlands to register as life-saving stem cell donors after struggling to find a match for himself.

A suitable donor was finally found for Rik Basra in Germany after unsuccessfully finding a match in the UK.

The officer had a transplant of donated cells in December, and is now campaigning for more Asians to sign the Anthony Nolan register so more lives can be saved.

Rik Basra didn't think he was going to survive after failing to find an appropriate Asian donor.

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