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Students at Derby High School are holding a video conference with students in Nigeria, along with Tony Blair and Bishop Welby, to discuss the differences between the Christian and Muslim faiths. It's part of the Face to Face Foundation.

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Tony Blair Skypes students, full report

Sixth form pupils from Derby have taken part in a video conference with pupils from Nigeria - hosted by a former Prime Minister and the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Yes, Tony Blair was also in Abuja, Nigeria's capital city, to give his thoughts on different faiths working together as part of his work for his Faith Foundation. Michael Sibert reports.


Tony Blair speaks to Derby students from Nigeria

Tony Blair holds video conference with students in Derby Credit: ITV Central

Tony Blair is in Nigeria, along with Bishop Welby to launch a campaign that promotes breaking down the faith barriers between young people.

Students in Derby, who are part of the Face to Faith Foundation, are speaking, via a video conference, to students in Nigeria.

They're discussing the differences between Christianity and Islam.

Derby students hold video conference with Nigeria

Students hold video conference with a school in Nigeria Credit: ITV Central

Students at Derby High School are holding a video conference with Christian and Muslim students in Nigeria, alongside Tony Blair and Bishop Welby.

The students in Derby are part of the Faith Foundation's Face to Faith schools programme.

They're discussing their different culturas and faiths and are finding a way to break barriers between young people.

The Face to Faith programme has been set up to connect young people all over the world directly to help address the challenges of the two faiths.

Tony Blair and Bishop Welby are in Nigeria to launch the new programme of Faith Foundation-led work in Nigeria to encourage religious reconciliation between Christians and Muslim communities.

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