Investigation: Unlicensed Cabs

An investigation by ITV has revealed many women are still taking risks by getting into unlicensed minicabs to get home after nights out.

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Tips for getting home safe after a night out

Following ITV's investigation into unlicensed cabs, here's a few tips on how to keep safe after a night out:

  • Plan ahead - make sure you know how you're getting home before you go out.
  • Book in advance - Pre-booking a taxi will avoid last-minute desperate decisions.
  • Find out the price - Get a quote for the cab fair.
  • Get the vehicle details - Ask for the vehicle make and model when booking a taxi.

"People do it because it's so much cheaper"

Two women who got into the back of an unlicensed taxi as part of an ITV investigation said people do it because they're a lot cheaper than licensed cabs.

ITV placed hidden cameras into an ordinary car in Birmingham City Centre to see whether anyone would choose to travel home after a night out in an illegal taxi.

The investigation revealed that many women are still taking risks by using unlicensed cabs.

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