Homeless Christmas Dinners

A charity will today be preparing Christmas dinners for homeless people in Birmingham.

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Charity workers help those homeless at Christmas

Charity workers have taken to the streets to hand out festive food and presents to people sleeping rough.. The idea is to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer during this grim weather.

The Trident Reach the People charity supports vulnerable people in the community, helping them find long term accomodation. This week they're also providing free christmas dinners for those living on the streets. Jane Hesketh reports

Meals for homeless

Charity workers in Birmingham are putting their pinnys on today to cook and serve meals to homeless people living rough in the city.

The Trident Reach the People Charity is dedicated to supporting vulnerable people in the community, particularly those who are mentally ill, young people at risk and the homeless.

Today they'll be cooking festive food and taking it to known areas where there are rough sleepers. Later tonight they'll be serving up Christmas Dinners from their headquarters in Oldbury.


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