Police Save Christmas

A police force has donated money to a Coventry family who had their Christmas presents stolen during a break-in.

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Police donate tuck shop money to theft victims

The police officers who were called to the incident decided to donate £200 to the family from the force's Tuck Shop.

Sergeant Richard Markham, from West Midlands Police, which are investigating the burglary, said:

"Stealing children's Christmas presents is such a heartless and callous thing for anyone to do. We wanted to try and put a smile back on their faces for Christmas.

"We're determined to track down whoever did this and would urge anyone with information that could help to come forward.

"If you know who is responsible please do the decent thing and call us before those responsible cause heartache like this for another family."

– Sergeant Richard Markham, West Midlands Police

Coventry family robbed of Christmas presents

A Coventry family had all their children's Christmas presents stolen during a break-in.

The Todd family had been buying presents since September to spread the cost, but thieves took them last Tuesday, along with money put aside for the funeral of the children's grandmother.

Naomi Todd said:

"It was going to be a hard enough Christmas for the kids as it's the first without their nan as she passed away in March."

"The thieves stole a substantial amount of money but why did they have to take the presents too? They were still in the carrier bags and it was obvious they were children's toys. They should feel disgusted at themselves for stooping so low,"

– Naomi Todd, theft victim


Police save Christmas for family

Christmas gifts Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A mother-of-four from Coventry was left devastated after Christmas presents for her children, worth hundreds of pounds, were stolen during a break-in.

But Naomi Todd and her husband Liam from Holbrooks were able to replace some of them after officers from the Coventry police station who responded to the burglary donated £200 from their Tuck Shop.

A local toy shop has also donated some gifts.

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