Derby balloon arrives in Sydney

A balloon released by a schoolboy in Derby has turned up 10,000 miles away in Australia.

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Balloon race boy gets letter from Australia

The letter sent from Sydney Australia claiming to have found a Derby schoolboy's balloon Credit: ITV Central

Six-year-old Joshua Blackaby said he was thrilled to find out a helium balloon he set off from his primary school in Derby last December, had travelled 10,000 miles to Australia.

It was let go as part of celebrations when his school became an academy.

He opened a letter in front of his classmates at Wyndham Primary Academy from a girl called Millie who has found his balloon and its tag in a tree in her garden, in East Kurrajong, 50 miles to the North West of Sydney.

It was written by an adult but signed by the little girl and read:

"Hi. My name is Millie and I found your balloon in a tree in my back garden. I am very excited and pleased to send it back."

10,000 miles for balloon from Derby to Australia

The possible route of the balloon from Derby to Sydney Credit: Google Maps

This map shows how far Joshua Blackaby's balloon travelled in the race entered by 300 pupils at the Wyndham Primary Academy in Derby last December.

The students launched their balloons together - and some made it as far as The Netherlands and Denmark.

However Josh's went all the way down under!

Balloon travels from Derby to Australia

A balloon released by a schoolboy in Derby has travelled 10,000 miles across the world, and has landed in Australia.

6-year-old Joshua Blackaby set the balloon off in December when his school became an academy.

He has now had a letter from a girl in Sydney who has found the balloon and tag in her garden.

Video courtesy of Wyndham Primary Academy.

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