Disabled woman's voice aid stolen

A mother is distraught after thieves stole the machine which is the only way her disabled daughter can talk. Intruders broke into her Leicestershire home and stole her voice aid.

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She can't communicate without the stolen device, says mother of disabled woman

The mother of a woman suffering from cerebral palsy who has been left without her voice after thieves stole a communication aid, says her daughter is heartbroken.

The thieves broke into their Leicestershire home and stole the device, which is worth around £9,000.

Despite the cost to buy it, Natalie Wood says it's worthless to anybody who doesn't need it.

Thieves also stole a handful of euros and a games console. In the process they trashed the bedrooms and trampled over the beds.

Disabled woman left without voice after thieves stole her communication aid

Louise Wood, 32, unable to communicate following theft Credit: ITV News Central

A 31-year-old disabled woman who's can't walk or feed herself, has been left unable to communicate after thieves broke into her Leicestershire home and stole her communication aid.

Louise Wood from Birstall, north Leicester, is now unable to correspond with her mother, Natalie Woods, who looks after her.

The aid, called a Liberator, is a small laptop-like device and costs between £8,000 and £10,000.

The burglary happened while Natalie and Louise were visiting a relative in Glenfield Hospital.

Louise's bedroom was also trashed.


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