Endangered apes in Africa

ITV News Central's Victoria Davies has spent a week with a Birmingham woman in Africa who works with endangered apes.

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Great apes of Africa: Part three

Vets from the Midlands have travelled 3,000 miles to Cameroon to save an orphaned gorilla whose arm was shot by poachers. They are using pioneering surgery to help save him.

In part two, Shufai's future looked uncertain.

Our reporter Victoria Davies travelled to Africa with the vets and has the concluding part of the story.


  1. Victoria Davies

Great apes of Africa: Part two

Shufai the eight-year-old gorilla was shot in the arm by poachers leaving him deformed and in pain. But three vets from the Midlands have travelled to Cameroon to help him by using pioneering surgery. Our reporter Victoria Davies has this report from Africa.

Great apes of Africa: Part one

A Midlands woman has swapped her life in Birmingham for the rainforests of Africa.

Rachel Hogan moved to Cameroon 12 years ago to help save orphaned chimpanzees and gorillas, whose parents were killed for bushmeat.

As the illegal trade continues, scientists warn the great apes of Africa are now on the brink of extinction.

ITV News Central reporter, Victoria Davies, travelled to Cameroon to find out more.

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