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Osborne speaks about 'overwhelming' Thatcher funeral

George Osborne has said that he had found the funeral of Baroness Thatcher an "overwhelming" occasion.

The Chancellor was caught on camera wiping away tears during the service last week at St Paul's Cathedral, said it had been "a very, very powerful and emotional" event.

"I welled up a bit because I thought it was a very emotional and moving occasion and at times overwhelming," he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

"I think it was a fitting tribute to someone's life and in a sense a great State occasion as well.

The combination of the sermon and the music and so on made for a very, very powerful and emotional moment."

George Osborne pictured at Baroness thatcher's funeral. Credit: Christopher Furlong/WPA Rota/Press Association Images

Mr Osborne appeared uncomfortable when presenter John Humphrys tried to press him on whether he was the sort of person who does weep occasionally.

"Well, I was caught on camera so I can't deny that it (happened)," he said.

"Occasionally I get a tear in my eye, sometimes just when I listen to the Today programme headlines, but on this occasion it was a much more moving moment."

Margaret Thatcher's biography goes on sale

Margaret Thatcher died aged 87 Credit: PA

Margaret Thatcher's official biography will be published today. It reveals how the former Prime Minister plotted to defeat the coal miners from the day she took office.

The details are disclosed in Margaret Thatcher, The Authorised Biography - Volume One: Not For Turning, written by former Daily Telegraph editor Charles Moore.

Lady Thatcher died on April 8. She was born and raised in Grantham, Lincolnshire.


The funeral of Baroness Thatcher, full report

Her controversial policies caused riots and divided the country.

At the funeral of Baroness Thatcher earlier today, the Bishop of London spoke of her 'storm of a life'.

Dignitaries from across the world and MPs from across the political divide were at the service to hear tributes for the grocer's daughter who was born in Grantham.

She rose through the ranks to become Britain's longest-serving, and only female Prime Minister.

Keith Wilkinson looks back on a historic day.

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