Fire recruits' dramatic training

Retained firefighters who will be on call at the same time as working their day jobs have completed the first stage of their training in Shropshire. It comes amid cuts to fire service budgets which could see redundancies in years to come.

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Dramatic training for trainee 'on-call' firefighters - full report

At a time when fire services are making cutbacks, one of the region's most rural counties says it needs more retained firefighters.

The Shropshire Fire & Rescue service has 23 stations, with all but four staffed entirely by on-call colleagues.

Retained firefighters are ready day and night to be sent to emergencies - but they also have day jobs.

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What day jobs can retained firefighters do?

Four of Shropshire Fire & Rescue's trainees Credit: ITV Central

Ollie Hayden - riding instructor (Top Left), Dave Pearson - electrician (Top Right), Laurie Bridle - mechanic (Bottom Left), Steve Weston - toolmaker (Bottom Right)

Retained firefighters work shifts for the fire service at the same time as having their day jobs.

They can get paid anything between £5000 and £11,000 per year, depending on how much cover they can work in and around their normal jobs.

They must live and work within five minutes of their base fire station, so they can be kitted up and ready to deal with an emergency call-out 30 minutes after being alerted by pager.

To find out more about becoming a retained firefighter click here.

New Shropshire recruits put through intensive fire training

Part of the 'On the run' training for new retained firefighters in Shropshire Credit: ITV Central

Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service is in the process of training its latest group of trainee retained firefighters.

The service relies on retained members of staff to provide emergency cover across the county.

Recruits learn how to cope using breathing apparatus in emergency simulations Credit: ITV Central

Retained crews have day jobs which they work a the same time as being on-call to attend emergencies.

There are more than 300 retained firefighters employed by Shropshire Fire & Rescue, who must stay within five minutes of their home station when they're on shift.

Shipping containers are set alight to mimic burning buildings Credit: ITV Central
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