Birmingham Library handed over

The new £189m Library of Birmingham is officially handed over to Birmingham City Council today.

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Spotlight on facilities of Library of Birmingham

Carillion Operations Director Simon Dingle, Terry Perkins, Birmingham City Council Leader Sir Albert Bore and Brian Gambles (left to right). Credit: Four Colman Getty

Members of Library of Birmingham staff, council representatives and Carillion employees gathered in the dramatic rotunda which will house the five-storey book wall.

The rotunda, at the very heart of the library, features a series of cantilevered circular balconies each providing access to a different part of the shelves that comprise the book wall.

Escalators zigzag across the space, providing stunning views throughout the library and access for all to over 400,000 books, more than double the amount currently on show at Central Library.

The Hobbit: First book on Library of Birmingham shelves

Sir Albert Bore places The Hobbit on the shelves of the Library of Birmingham. Credit: Four Colman Getty.

The Hobbit has become the first book to be placed on the shelves of the Library of Birmingham.

The book, J.R.R. Tolkien’s much-loved 1937 children’s fantasy tale, was placed on the shelf by Sir Albert Bore, Leader of Birmingham City Council, to mark the imminent handover of the building by Carillion, the Library of Birmingham’s construction partner, to Birmingham City Council.


£189m Library of Birmingham handed to council

An artists impression of the 'Book Wall' Credit: Mecanoo Architects

The new Library of Birmingham will be officially handed over from the builders to the council today.

Leader of Birmingham City Council Sir Albert Bore will place the first book inside the £190 million building.

It's going to be Birmingham author JRR Tolkein's The Hobbit. The library will open to the public in September.

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