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A woman from Staffordshire who was targeted by internet trolls after her 16-year-old son died in a moped accident, was angry after her tormentor received just a caution by police. But she is pleased her case has now been raised in parliament.

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Grieving mum targeted by internet troll speaks out against abuse - full report

A mother who was targeted by an online bully after her teenage son died in a motorbike accident says she's encouraged her case is being heard in the Houses of Parliament.

Hours after Jordan Agar's death his family were sent messages from a fake Facebook account in his name claiming the 16-year-old from Staffordshire was still alive.

A 21-year-old man from Burton-on-Trent was arrested 5 months later, but received just a police caution meaning he'll stay anonymous.

Now Bridget Agar's local MP Andrew Griffiths is asking the Attorney General Dominic Grieve MP to review the case, so that so called 'internet trolls' can't hide behind the law. Chris Halpin reports.


Internet troll cautioned over internet messages

A 21-year-old has been cautioned for internet trolling and cannot be named.

However, the MP for Burton, Andrew Griffiths, is questioning whether the punishment for internet trolls is strong enough after the abuse of a mother whose son died in a moped crash in this particular case.

Jordan and Bridget Agar. Credit: Caters News Agency

Sixteen-year-old Jordan Agar's mother Bridget received messages from a fake Facebook page set up in her son's name with messages such as "don't worry Mum I am not dead I just ran away".

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Bridget Agar holding a picture of Jordan. Credit: Caters News Agency


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