Pelka mother gives evidence

The mother of four-year-old Daniel Pelka, Magdelena Luczak will continue to give evidence in her trial for his murder. Mariusz Krezolek, Daniel's stepfather, has previously denied his murder. The boy died in March 2012.

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Mother says she was trying to 'introduce discipline to son'

Magdalena Luczak told the jury that Mariusz Krezolek was trying to "introduce discipline" to her son Daniel Pelka.

She was answering a question from Nigel Lambert QC, who put it to her that she "did not know how to cope" with Daniel.

"He withdrew into his own little world, becoming isolated from the family," the barrister said.

"Mariusz isolated him. Every day he would take him upstairs and sit with him by the computer," she replied.


Daniel's mother denies drink and drugs were part of her life

Magdalena Luczak tells the court that Daniel's natural father Eryk Pelka "wasn't interested" in his son at all.

Nigel Lambert also put it to her that drink and drugs were the "root of the violence" between her and Mariusz Krezolek.

"A good deal of it would be you picking fights for no reason and flying at Mr. Krezolek."

"No," she replied. "He would attack me and I would defend myself."

The mother of Daniel Pelka returns to the witness box

Magdalena Luczak is back in the witness box for a second day of testimony. Speaking through an interpreter, she is being questioned by Mariusz Krezolek's barrister Nigel Lambert.

The two both deny murder and causing or allowing the death of a child in relation to the death of her son Daniel, who died in Coventry in March last year.

Daniel Pelka trial: Mother gives evidence

A murder trial at Birmingham Crown Court has heard evidence for the first time from the mother of a four year old boy she is accused of murdering. Daniel Pelka died in March last year.

Magdalena Luczak told the jury that her co-defendant, Mariusz Krezolek, "hated" the child, and "had no feelings" for him. Both deny two charges of murder and causing or allowing Daniel's death. Callum Watkinson reports.

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Pelka found with 'green liquid coming from his mouth'

A mother accused of starving and murdering her four-year-old son Daniel Pelka described the moment she discovered "he wasn't breathing" in the early hours of Saturday March 3.

Magdelena Luczak told the court: "When I was going upstairs I looked at Daniel's face in the box room. The face was totally different. There was green liquid coming from his mouth. I went in and checked, he wasn't breathing, I began shouting."

She also described the days leading up to that night. On Thursday March 1 Luczak claimed she was in the living room when she heard Mariusz Krezolek shouting at Daniel upstairs.

She said: "Daniel was crying, Mariusz was shouting at him because he'd wet himself.

"Mariusz hit him in the back of his head and Daniel fell to the front of him. I started shouting at him and Mariusz started strangling me."

According to Luczak's account, Krezolek then grabbed Daniel by his shirt and took him to the bathroom, while she went to fetch some new clothes.

"I was standing in the hallway between the bedrooms. Mariusz cleaned Daniel in a very unpleasant way. He grabbed him by the T-shirt and dragged him into the box room.

"He hit him again with a hand and he knocked him down to the mattress."

The trial was adjourned until tomorrow.


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Mother 'was strangled when she tried to protect son'

Magdalena Luczak court sketch Credit: Priscilla Coleman

Magdalena Luczak said she tried to protect her son when punishments from Mariusz Krezolek intensified, but was then attacked by her boyfriend.

She told the court: "I had enough because Daniel was punished by Mariusz almost every day. I did nothing. I was trying to prevent (Krezolek) but every time I interrupted him, he strangled me."

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Stepfather of starved boy 'checked belly for bumps'

Magdalena Luczak has told the jury at Birmingham Crown Court that her son Daniel Pelka was being refused meals at home in January 2012, and that her partner Mariusz Krezolek checked the boy's belly to see if had eaten:

Every other day, when I was bringing the children from school, Mariusz (Krezolek) was checking Daniel's belly. If the belly had a bump, he'd ask, 'have you been taking sandwiches again?'

Daniel was so (afraid), he would always say yes. And then Mariusz wasn't allowing me to give him supper or dinner.

When asked by her barrister to explain "how it came about that a mother was prevented from feeding her own son", Luczak said:

(Krezolek) wasn't allowing me to feed him. He was saying: 'If he was fed very well at school, he's not going to eat at home.' When I explained to him that Daniel was taking sandwiches because he was hungry, I had nothing to say about it (Krezolek did not listen).

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Pelka stepfather 'angered by boy stealing sandwiches'

Magdalena Luczak has been describing how events unfolded leading up to Daniel Pelka's death.

She said her boyfriend Mariusz Krezolek's relationship with her son began to change when Daniel started school in September 2011 and Krezolek realised Daniel was taking sandwiches from other children.

She said he became very angry, "shouting at him, smacking him on his bottom and giving him punishments."

These included "kneeling in the corner, doing squats and running."

She said at this stage she "thought it was good Mariusz was trying to stop Daniel from taking these sandwiches", because her son had previously not listened to her.

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