Fans boycott Coventry City

Thousand of fans are expected to boycott Coventry City's first 'home' fixture to be played out of the city for 130 years. The club will play fixtures at Northampton's Sixfields stadium after leaving the Ricoh because of a row over rent arrears.

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Crowds gather at Coventry's Ricoh for legends match

Fans have packed into the stands of Coventry's Ricoh Arena for a legends match in honour of the club's 130th anniversary.

Football fans fill the stands at the Ricoh Arena for legends match Credit: ITV Central

The game was expected to attract thousands of fans boycotting the team's first 'home' game at Northampton's Sixfields stadium.

The Ricoh Arena just before kick-off of a 130th anniversary match Credit: ITV Central


Coventry to play first ever home match outside city

The Sixfields Stadium is Northampton is the Sky Blues' new home Credit: Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

Coventry City will play a home match outside the city today, for the first time in the club's 130 year history.

The Sky Blues have moved to Northampton Town's Sixfields Stadium for at least three years.

It follows a long-running rent row with the Ricoh Arena, which saw the club fall into administration.

Around 500 Coventry fans are expected to go the match.

Meanwhile, thousands of supporters will instead be at another game happening at the same time.

A legends match has been organised at the Ricoh Arena, to celebrate the club's 130th anniversary.

Euro MP: 'positive steps' being made to keep the Sky Blues in Coventry

Nikki Sinclaire has taken a keen interest in the future of the Sky Blues Credit: Ian Nicholson/PA Archive/Press Association Images

West Midlands European MP Nikki Sinclaire has held talks with senior management at Coventry City Football Club.

The Sky Blues have moved away from the city and are going to play their home matches at Northampton Town's Sixfields Stadium for the next three years.

Nikki Sinclaire has said she met with club Director Mark Labovitch:

"The talks were positive and a great deal was discussed today about how to engage... other stakeholders.

"I felt that we were making positive steps on moving this matter further.

"We must do all we can for the fans of Coventry City Football Club."

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Coventry City reveal 90% fall in ticket sales

Coventry have moved to Northampton Town's Sixfields Stadium Credit: Tony Marshall/EMPICS Sport

ITV News Central has learned that as of 10am today Coventry City still hadn't broken the 500 mark for season ticket sales.

This time last year, the club had sold nearer 6000.

Many fans are unhappy at the club's decision to play 'home' games at Northampton's Sixfields stadium, after a deal couldn't be agreed to continue playing at the Ricoh Arena.

However fears that away fans would outnumber home fans on Sunday have been quashed by the club, who say Bristol City are expected to take approximately 400 fans.

Coventry have also sold around 200 advanced tickets for the game, meaning a guaranteed gate of at least 1100.

On the same day the current side play at Northampton, a legends team are playing at Coventry's Ricoh Arena.

It is quite possible that more fans will turn out to see the stars of the past play in a friendly than to watch the current team attempt to secure their first win of the league season.

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