Baby abandoned in Worcester

Police released pictures of the bag that a baby was in when he was left on the door step of a house in Worcester. Officers are still trying to trace the mother.

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Pics of bag released in hunt for new mum

Police have released pictures of the bag a baby boy was found in after he was abandoned by his mother in Worcester.

Members of the public say the bag is from South Africa Credit: West Mercia Police

He was found at around 4.30am yesterday at a house in the Columbia Drive area of Lower Wick.

Bag in which a baby boy was found on a door step in Worcester Credit: West Mercia Police

Members of the public have contacted West Mercia Police to say the bag is from South Africa.

Midwife: "It is important mum is checked over"

Midwives in Worcestershire who are carrying for a baby left abandoned on the doorstep of a house in Lower Wick are concerned about the mother's condition.

"If the mother does not want to come to the hospital I can arrange for a midwife to visit her wherever she is. Joseph is a lovely little baby and he is doing well. Our nurses are giving him all the best possible care.”

– Patti Paine, Head Midwife, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust

Police are also investigating and have appeal to the mum to come forward or anybody who knows where she might be.

"The mother’s health and welfare is our priority and we are doing all we can to trace her so we can confirm she is safe and well.

It is clear the mother has looked after the boy and gone to lengths to make sure he is safe: Joseph has been cleaned, clothed and she has made sure he has been found.

I would like to the repeat the hospital’s appeal for the mother to contact them. Also, anyone who has any information as to who the mother could be."

– Detective Chief Inspector Stacey Williamson, West Mercia Police


PICTURES: Doorstep where baby was abandoned

Doorstep in Worcester where baby was found abandoned Credit: ITV News Central

Health workers and police are appealing for the public’s help in tracing the mother of a baby boy who was abandoned in Worcester this morning.

At around 4.30am, the boy was found in a Hessian bag after the doorbell was rung at a house in the Columbia Drive area of Lower Wick.

Luke Bailey runs a child-minding agency at the house where the baby was left Credit: ITV News Central
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Hospital seeks mother of baby left on doorstep

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, which is caring for a baby abandoned this morning in Worcestershire, has made an appeal on Twitter for the newborn's mother to come forward:


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