Birmingham Airport expansion

Birmingham Airport says it could serve up to 70 million passengers a year if plans for a second runway are approved - almost eight times as many passengers as they serve currently. A detailed report on the proposals will be released today.

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Birmingham Airport looking 100 years into future

Birmingham Airport will tell the government today that it could build a second runway and handle 70 million passengers a year.

The airport, which is extending its current runway, now has nine million passengers a year.

The Airports Commission will decide by December if Birmingham's proposal will go on a shortlist for further consideration, along with expansions of Heathrow or a new London airport.

Birmingham Airport expansion 'has support of Midlands'

People in the Midlands are united behind our proposals. Our submission has widespread support from stakeholders including the LEPs, local councils and local businesses. This is because people recognise that to grow local economies outside the South East and rebalance growth we need the direct international connectivity to encourage inward investment and support trade.

– Paul Kehoe, Chief Executive of Birmingham Airport


Birmingham Airport expansion would 'encourage foreign investment'

The UK manufacturing base is outside of the South East and, as a result, it suffers from a lack of direct air links with crucial long-haul markets like China. A Birmingham to Shanghai route alone would enable hundreds of business flights a year to operate, boosting the growth of British manufacturing and encouraging inward investment.

– William Wang, Managing Director of MG Motor UK

Birmingham Airport: £7bn expansion plans announced

Birmingham Airport says its runway extension could create 243,000 new jobs for the Midlands Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Birmingham Airport has released plans for a second runway which would cost £7 billion and allow it to serve 70 million passengers a year.

The airport currently handles nine million passengers a year but is extending its runway so it can increase that number to 27 million.

It says the second runway would be built only when demand requires it and claims that, from 2030, the new runway would lower the number of people affected by night flights.

It also says extending its runway could deliver 243,000 jobs to the Midlands.

The plans have been submitted to the independent Davies commission which is examining how to increase airport capacity in the country.

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