£12.8m grant for derelict mill

The world's first iron-framed building has won a £12.8 million lottery grant for redevelopment. The Flax Mill Maltings in Shrewsbury, which has been derelict for 30 years, will be restored and turned into a visitor attraction.

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Flax Mill Maltings was the world's first 'skyscraper'

Shrewsbury's Flax Mill Maltings was "phenomenally important" in the creation of the world's skyscrapers, a site project manager said.

Flax Mill Project Manager Elizabeth Perkins added that the world's first iron framed building was created out of "necessity" from "revolutionary thinking".

"All over the country there were terrible fires that killed lots of people, so they were looking for a solution," Ms Perkins said.

She added: "No one else would have gone on and taken that leap that then went into steal and steal frame, that then went into the technology that went into skyscrapers today.

"It's a seminal moment, and it just changed people's attitude, it's a moment in history that just transformed things."

Today it was announced that the Flax Mill Maltings in Shrewsbury had been awarded a lottery grant of £12.8 million to regenerate the site.


Around 300 employees will be based at new Flax Mill

The Flax Mill Maltings has been awarded the second highest lottery grant in the West Midlands.

The £12.8 million grant was the biggest given to a project in the recent round of funding which aims to promote heritage tourism in the UK.

Reyhan King, Head of Heritage Lottery Fund, West Midlands said: "We believe that heritage is more about just conserving buildings, and that's one of the reasons why we wanted to fund this project.

"What this will mean for the Shrewsbury area is activities for local people, there will also be an exhibition and display place that will attract tourists."

She added, "an estimated 300 employees will be based here, we feel that it demonstrates how heritage can support economic growth."

Shropshire Mill will become a 'centre for learning'

Councillor Alan Mosley from Shropshire Council said the Flax Mill Maltings redevelopment will become a "centre for learning" for the Shropshire community.

He said: "We're going to put learning facilities in here, conference facilities, children's play facilities, cafe, restaurant and you'll see the open space that can be used for performance, dance and music.

"Whatever the community wants to to here we will have the capacity to facilitate it we hope."

Redevelopment plans for the Shrewsbury Flax Mill

A historic Mill in Shrewsbury will be one of six projects across the UK to be redeveloped with a lottery grant, to improve the UK's heritage tourism industry.

Ouline of the proposed area of development of Phase 1 of the Flax Mill Maltings Project Credit: Flax Mill Maltings

The Flax Mill Maltings, which has been run by English Heritage since 2005, consists of seven listed buildings including the iron-framed Main Mill.

Showing the proposed end users within the entire site Credit: Flax Mill Maltings/Axonmetric

Since 1797, the site was a flax mill until it became a maltings from 1897.

The site was closed in 1987, and has remained derelict for the past 30 years, it will be opened to the public in 2016.

£12.8 million grant for world's first iron framed building

The world's first iron-framed building in Shrewsbury will receive a £12.8 million lottery grant for redevelopment.

The funding, which will be given to six existing and potential tourist attractions around the UK, is designed to promote the country's heritage tourism economy.

Dye and stove at the Flax Mill Maltings today Credit: Flax Mill Maltings

The forerunner of modern skyscrapers, the Flax Mill Maltings will be restored for commercial, visitor and community purposes.

A CGI image of the dye and stove at the Flax Mill Maltings Credit: Flax Mill Maltings

Work will begin in October this year and will be finished in 2016 when the site will open to the public, providing a workplace for hundreds of people.


Former mill to receive nearly £13 million for restoration

Flax Mill Saltings in Shrewsbury is to receive nearly £13 million Credit: English Heritage/ PA Wire

A former mill site in Shropshire is to receive nearly £13 million for restoration work.

Flax Mill Saltings in Shrewsbury includes the world's first iron-framed building, which is the basis of the modern skyscraper.

The site is made up of 18th and 19th century industrial buildings, including seven listed buildings.

From 2016, it will be open to the public.

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