PIN system for 999 callers

Nottingham is the first city in the UK to use a new system for all three emergency services. The Pegasus pin system was invented by Paralympian Christopher Channon.

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Pin system for 999 callers - full report

When we call 999 most of us don't think twice about giving our name, address and telephone number. But what if we had a speech impairment ? Giving that information could take several minutes - potentially vital in a life-or-death situation.

Now with the help of a former paralympian, Nottinghamshire Police think they've come up with a solution to the problem. Phil Brewster reports.


'Pegasus' inventor was thought to be 'nuisance caller'

The man who invented the new emergency services system for Nottinghamshire says he decided to create it after phone operators thought he was a nuisance caller.

Christopher Channon has difficulty with speech, so thought of the 'Pegasus' system to help others who struggle to communicate when dialling 999.

The system works by saying the word 'Pegasus', followed by a unique PIN, which will allow the phone operator to see all of the caller's details straight away.

They mistook me for a nuisance caller, and that got me thinking because luckily enough it was not a life or death situation, but what if it was?

When you make a 999 call, you have to give your name and address before you get to the problem. For some people, that can take several minutes, and they could be in danger from the first word.

– Christopher Channon

New emergency service for Nottingham

Nottingham has become the first city in the UK to use a new system for all three emergency services that helps those who struggle to communicate when diallng 999. The Pegasus system involves a pin number which allows the operator to access the caller's details.

Nottinghamshire Police using the Pegasus system Credit: ITV News Central

The concept was invented by former Paralympian Christopher Channon, whose speech often became slurred due to cerebral palsy.

Christopher Channon invented the new system Credit: ITV News Central
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