Major blaze at caravan park

Investigations have found that a Chinese lantern was to blame for a fire which destroyed around 50 caravans at a storage site in South Worcestershire.

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Chinese lanterns blamed for caravan park blaze

A fire which ravaged around 50 caravans at a storage park in South Worcestershire was "most likely" caused by Chinese lanterns, investigations have revealed.

The remains of 50 caravans destroyed in the fire Credit: ITV News Central

Experts say they do not believe the fire at Bredons Hardwick, near Tewkesbury, was started deliberately - and revealed eye-witness statements have pointed to one of the controversial lanterns having started the blaze.


Maps show location of caravan storage site fire

A close-up picture of the Croft Farm Waterpark where the caravan store is located Credit: ITV News Central

Maps show the location of a fire at a caravan storage site in South Worcestershire, where around 50 caravans are believed to have been destroyed.

The caravan park is north of Tewkesbury, just off the M5 motorway Credit: ITV News Central

Caravan site owner says floating lanterns were used

The owner of a caravan site where 50 caravans were destroyed by fire says there were floating lanterns let off into the sky on the night the blaze took hold.

The caravans were being stored at the Croft Farm Waterpark, where there is also a boating lake.

The owner said there was a party in the site's clubhouse, and chinese style floating lanterns were set off into the sky.

A spokesman for the Hereford & Worcester Fire Service said it was too early to say how the fire started. He did not rule out the possibility it could have been caused by a floating lantern.

Video shows carnage after fire wrecks 50 caravans

This video shows the wreckage of around 50 caravans which were destroyed by a large fire at a storage site near Tewkesbury.

Ten fire engines were needed to tackle the blaze in Bredons Hardwick, and involved crews from the Hereford and Worcester & Gloucestershire fire Services.

Crews managed to contain the fire and averted disaster, as at one point flames were spreading towards a 2000 litre fuel storage vessel.


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50 caravans destroyed in Tewkesbury fire

Gloucestershire Fire Service has spent the night dealing with a huge fire at a caravan and mobile home storage park near Bredons Hardwick, Tewkesbury. 50 vehicles caught alight.

No one needed rescuing, though several propene gas cylinders were involved. Firefighters managed to stop the fire spreading to a large fuel tanker nearby. Around a hundred firefighters were needed to contain the fire, and some are still on the scene.

The cause is unknown but is being investigated.

Fire service tweet details of caravan site blaze

50 caravans wrecked after huge blaze at storage site

The caravans were being stored in Bredons Hardwick in South Worcestershire Credit: ITV News Central/Callum Watkinson

Around 50 caravans have been destroyed after a large fire at a storage site in South Worcestershire.

The touring vans were being kept at a site in Bredons Hardwick near Tewkesbury when the blaze took hold on Saturday 23 November.

Fire crews from the Herefordshire & Worcester and Gloucestershire services had to fight to bring the flames under control. They are now damping down at the site.

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