Leicester MP to lead commons vote on care bill changes

Leicester MP Liz Kendall will today lead a commons vote on changes to the care bill, which would improve support for family carers.

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Government says it is working to address support for carers

In a statement the government has said: 'We know some parents feel they can't access enough support. We're working with organisations, carer support groups and local authorities to address those issues.'

It comes after the MP for Leicester Liz Kendall led a commons vote on changes to the care bill today.

Some family carers say they are worried the government's new Care Bill, which is currently going through parliament, will remove legal protection for the needs of "parent" carers - making it more difficult for parents to look after their children who need help.

Labour: 'Carers are unsung heroes in our society'

Liz Kendall, MP for Leicester West will today lead a commons vote on changes to the care bill.

In committee, she is expected to say:

Carers are unsung heroes in our society. Many don't even think of themselves as carers - but as people trying to be good husbands, wives, children or parents looking after the person they love.

We must do more to identify carers of all ages so they get the right help and support. Whilst the Care Bill is a step forward, it doesn't go nearly far enough.

Parent carers must be covered by the new legislation. Local councils, the NHS, schools and colleges must also work together to make sure all family carers are properly identified, so they can get the support they need and deserve.


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