SOLVED: The mystery over shoebox full of WWI photos

Volunteers at the Acorns Children's Hospice in Solihull have reunited a woman with a shoebox full of family memorabilia dating back around 100 years, after she accidentally donated them.

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Holiday snaps and war shots found in mystery shoebox

Holiday snaps, family photos and war shots were among more than 100 pictures found in a shoebox donated to charity by accident.

The shoebox was donated along with five others, which all contained shoes, to the Acorns shop in Castle Bromwich, Solihull.

Holiday snaps were among the photos Credit: ITV News Central

The woman who handed over the boxes left without giving her name - and volunteers at the store are now appealing for help in tracking her down.

Acorns spokeswoman Katy Mendes said volunteers had kept the box over the holidays in case anyone came in to collect it - but said they were now keen to track down the woman and return the box to its owners.

Four children shown smiling in one of the pictures found Credit: ITV News Central

She urged anyone who recognises the pictures, or knows who may have lost the family memorabilia, to call the store on 01564 825000.

The pictures seem to range from the early 1900s to the 50s and 60s.

There are a lot of family photos in there and some pictures of men in First and Second World War uniforms as well.

We assume it must have been given away by accident - perhaps in a house clearance - and it would be really nice to find out who it belongs to.

This wrinkled picture appears to show a soldier in uniform Credit: ITV News Central


Mystery over WWI memorabilia donated by accident

Volunteers at the Acorns Children's Hospice are searching for a woman who accidentally donated a shoebox full of family memorabilia dating back around 100 years.

Workers at the charity's Castle Bromwich store in Solihull were delighted when a woman made a donation of old dancing and ballet shoes in the run-up to Christmas.

The shoebox which was donated by accident Credit: ITV News Central

But as they worked their way through the boxes of shoes, they discovered one actually contained more than 100 old photographs dating back decades, as well as other priceless family relics.

These include a reference letter for a man named William Cater, who worked as a chauffeur and handyman for the family at Bodenham Manor in Herefordshire.

One of the family photos found in the box Credit: ITV News Central

A rent book and old memorial cards from funerals were also found in the box, as well as a photobook detailing the Manor's transformation into a school during the 60s.

The donation of around six shoeboxes was made anonymously.

Another of the decades-old photographs accidentally donated Credit: ITV News Central
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