'Mini-tornado' devastates village as storm rips through Nuneaton

A 'mini-tornado' has ripped through a Warwickshire village causing chaos. Elsewhere in the Midlands there were lightning strikes and storm damage.

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Weather expert on weekend's Midlands 'mini-tornado'

The Met Office have been explaining why they were unable to predict the mini-tornado which ripped through a Midlands village over the weekend.

Aidan McGiven told ITV News Central that tornadoes happen quite frequently in this country:

"The UK is the country with the most tornadoes per square metre for anywhere in the world.

"But, they are difficult to predict.

"They're most likely to occur in the kinds of thunderstorms we saw on Saturday and so you could say that when we have intense thunderstorms like that, tornadoes are possible, but to pinpoint exactly where and when they're going to happen is for the time being virtually impossible."


Clear up operation continues following 'mini-tornado'

Homes in Warwickshire were damaged by the 'mini tornado' Credit: ITV News Central

A clear up operation is continuing in Warwickshire after a 'mini-tornado' ripped through parts of the region.

Roofs were torn off garages and houses in Galley Common near Nuneaton, and cars were smashed.

Cars were left damaged Credit: ITV News Central

Four new Flood Alerts following severe weather conditions

Further extreme weather conditions have led to the Environment Agency issuing four new Flood Alerts in the Midlands:

  • Severn Vyrnwy Confluence
  • River Wye in Derbyshire
  • River Severn in Worcestershire
  • Tidal Trent

Flood Alerts are the Environment Agency's lowest category of flood risk. It is followed by a Flood Warning, which in turn is followed by a Severe Flood Warning, which means there is a potential for loss of life.


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