Britain's rubbish roads

The Highways Agency collects more than 7,500 tonnes of litter from its roads each year, including hundreds of sacks of litter from roads in the Midlands every month.

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Trolleys and toilets found dumped on roads in Midlands

Trolleys are among items found on roads maintained by the Highways Agency Credit: Richard Sellers

The Highways Agency collects 7,500 tonnes of litter from motorways in Britain each year at a cost of £6m.

In the past year, in the Midlands region the following items have been found:

  • shopping trolleys

  • furniture

  • balloons

  • a complete windscreen

  • a crate of fizzy drinks

  • ladders

  • portable toilet

The Highways Agency say all of these items could have caused accidents.

They are encouraging motorists to think about how they dispose of litter on the road.

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