Mother backs campaign tackling mobile phone use when driving

Lisa Thomas' daughter Laura died when a lorry driver ploughed into a car, which flew over a safety barrier and hit her.

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Mobile phone use to become biggest killer on roads

Figures from the Department for Transport suggest mobile phone use in cars will be the biggest killer on the roads in 2015.

Police in the West Midlands are cracking down on the problem with a two week campaign starting next Friday, with the help of a mother whose daughter died when a driver was using his phone.

Sion Hathaway, from the Central Motorway Police Group says it is a massive problem.

Mother: Daughter's death didn't have to happen

A mother from Stafford whose daughter died after a lorry smashed her car into her says it didn't have to happen, because the lorry driver was using his mobile phone to browse pornographic websites at the time.

Lisa Thomas' daughter Laura died last year. She's now backing a campaign to crack down on those using their phones while driving. She says she wants to help prevent future deaths.


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